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All athletes will tell you, we doesn’t take a sport anyhow ! Get to know your body to restart sport For start a sport and especially aquacycling, it’s necessary to know your body because a good sportsmanship is an intelligent athlete who knows his body, its limitations and knows what … read more

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Hello, You want to acquire the book “Essential of aquacycling” to orient you to the knowledge of this activity. This book is the result of research work, scientific studies conducted over many months. In the hope that this book allow you to better discover and practice the aquacycling, we are … read more

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In “Essential of aquacycling”, “You will find different parts of the human anatomy and physiology, nutrition, planning workouts and finally a catalog of exercises to use as a memory aid.” Here’s to you, four extracts from the book “Essential of aquacycling” : An extract on the anatomy, an extract on … read more

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The purpose of this blog is to promote my book but not only … It also has the aim of accompany you on the path of the athletic success, to give you the essential key to better know your body and achieve your goals in the practice of the aquacycling. … read more

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WATER IS LIFE ! The human body contains about 60% of water. Water is a natural and organic element. When you cycle in the water, you find yourself. You go back to the origin. Aquacycling is a work-out for your body + your mind. Try it and you will feel … read more

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