For start well : retourn to sport with aquacycling

All athletes will tell you, we doesn’t take a sport anyhow !

Get to know your body to restart sport

For start a sport and especially aquacycling, it’s necessary to know your body because a good sportsmanship is an intelligent athlete who knows his body, its limitations and knows what he does.

If you are starting out or if you return to sport,
adopt the lifestyle that goes with it!

Appointment to the doctor


When starting aquacycling or sporting activity is restart, it’s important to make a medical visit to her doctor to detect any indication-cons to this type of physical practice.

It may prescribe a blood test to be performed in a clinical laboratory as part of a nutritional assessment, in order to compensate for possible deficiencies in iron, calcium, magnesium or even that might affect your physical capacity (anemia, tetany, hyperventilation, cramps …). Depending on your fitness goals, a complete medical examination of fitness is desirable and highly recommended, a effort test in sports medicine to have your electrocardiogram (ECG) of departure and your blood pressure (BP), your Ruffier test* and morphological assessment.


* Ruffier test : It allows evolution of the cardiovascular ajustment to physical effort. The principle is to give thirty inflections of lower limbs in 45 seconds, right chest, buttocks, heels from touching. Heart rate was measured before the test (P0), one minute after the test (P1) and after two minutes (P2). The goal is to get Ruffier index that evaluates the cardiovascular adaptation to effort.
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About Christophe Jennequin

Christophe Jennequin is a sports educator specializing in the activity of swimming (BEESAN in France) and he's specialized in aquacycling. He's also trained young sports educators on aquacycling but also the water aerobics, swimming lessons for children, the baby swimmers and coach of elite swimmers.

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