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Chris 1

My career

I am a graduate of the patent to the State Sports Educator Swimming Activities called BEESAN in France.

Former military, triathlete, firefighter and coach of elite swimmers, he now conducts water aerobics, aquacycling and swimming lessons for children.

These sessions are based on simple things of life, the preservation and strengthening of the spine, on activities such as stretching, cycling, swimming or running.

Methodical technician, dynamic and passionate about these sportive activities, he builds on a long personal experience with elite athletes but also enthusiasts.

I hope this site will allow you to achieve your personal goals.



Essential of aquacycling


Due to many research in library and/or in bookshop, even specialized “sport”, I have not found a book on the subject of the aquacycling.

Many requests from my practitioners as well as during my training for the coaches remained without answers.

Then, I decided to share my passion and my knowledge.


What’s more logical then that to become author of a book on the aquacycling and its essential since they do not exist!

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