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Essential of aquacycling


The first book dedicated to the practice of the aquacycling, which consists in cycling in the water.

This book is directed to all without exception. It is designed to orient you to the knowledge of your body because a good sport is an intelligent athlete who knows his body, its limits and knows what he is doing.

Aquacycling tends to develop from the professionals (in swimming pool, private or public, or on physiotherapy etc. ) and also among some individuals with a swimming pool.

You can find different parties on the anatomy and human physiology, on nutrition, on the planning of workouts and finally a catalog of exercises to use as memory aid.

The author, Christophe JENNEQUIN, is a graduate of Educator Swimming Activities. Specializing in aquacycling, he gives you his advice in a simple and accessible, the book is targeted at both masters-swimmers graduates as it is to individuals.

Discover extracts from the book!

You can discover on this site a few extracts from the book to the interactive format.

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