Essential of aquacycling (PDF format)


Book about the practice of the aquacycling, which consists in cycling in the water. Aquacycling tends to develop among professionals and among some individuals with swimming pool.

This book deals with subject like anatomy and human physiology, nutrition, training programm and exercises.

This book is directed at all .

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Essential of aquacycling

This book is directed to all persons who wish to practice aquacycling. It is a sport derives from cycling, water aerobics, stretching and the running race.

Aquacycling allows you to stay in shape and to take advantage of the benefits of the activity without the disadvantages.

In this book, you will find simple exercises to guide you during your sessions.

This book is also ideal for sports educators and professionals of the paramedical through specific chapters in anatomy and physiology.

You can also take advantage of programs and sessions adapted to all levels.


heart_stroke_32x28  Anatomy

A part on the anatomy, intended for professionals but also to individuals who wish to understand better the functioning of their body during the practice of a sport.


map_pin_stroke_32x32  Nutrition

It is important to have a healthy lifestyle and a diet adapted so that the benefits of this sport is maximum.


image_32x32  Training Program

It is important to follow a progressive program throughout the year in order to realize all the benefits from the practice of the aquacycling.


calendar_alt_stroke_32x32  Exercises

You will find a series of exercises with the instructions associated with targets muscles and joints. You’ll find tips to do the exercise at your own pace.


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Author : Christophe JENNEQUIN

Edition : published by the author

Number of Pages : 164 pages

Format : 15 x 21 cm


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